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Kejriwal's dish of fried eggs on cheese toast makes it to NYT critic's list

The late Mr Devi Prasad Kejriwal would have been a happy man today. Last Sunday, his regular order of fried eggs on cheese toast with fried chillies dish at Willingdon Sports Club got listed in New York Times Critic Pete Well’s list of top 10 dishes. Wells tried the dish at Paowalla, a SoHo restaurant by chef Floyd Cardoz, who owns Bombay Canteen in Mumbai.

Mr Kejriwal’s dish from the 1960s has caught the fancy of Mumbai restaurants, but you aren’t likely to find the authentic Kejriwal anywhere, Russell Dias, the manager at Jamjar, tells us.

Over the past few years, he has been going “all over town for a taste of the original Eggs Kejriwal. But, even the club has tweaked it a bit,” he tells us, passing us an Eggs Benedict avatar of the Kejriwal, originally served as a classic toast, slice cheese, fried egg and sauteed chillies.

“The Benedict is ham and poached egg on muffin bread, while the Kejriwal has fried egg, cheese and chillies. Don’t confuse the two,” he tells us. We push our fork and knives into a few versions of Eggs Kejriwal on city menus:

Pic/Sayyed Sameer Abedi

Aam Admi Toast
The Kejriwal at 145 in Kala Ghoda has two twists — sriracha sauce and chutney mayo. On a big white-bread toast with green chutney sit two side-up eggs. In spite of the green chillies and fiery red Thai sauce, the Kejriwal is comfortably spicy.
At: 145, Kala Ghoda
Call: 4039 6632
Cost: Rs 200

Pic/Satesh Shinde

Benedict Kejriwal
The Kejriwal at Jamjar stands out for its fluffy fried egg and warm muffin bread. The dish has a generous layer of cheddar and processed cheese holding the fried egg splattered with fried chillies.
At: Jamjar Diner, Aram Nagar 2, Versova, Andheri
Call: 26368880
Cost: Rs 250

Pic/poonam bathija

Grandmama’s Egg’s Kejriwal
Warning: This Kejriwal is a Tsunami of cheese sauce. Here, chefs use a burger bun and stuff it with mushroom cream cheese, prepared with a mixture of spread cheese, mascarpone and parmesan, flavoured with pepper and thyme. This time, you’ll share.
At: Grandmama’s Café in Juhu
Call: 24944401
Cost: Rs 280



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Kejriwal's dish of fried eggs on cheese toast makes it to NYT critic's list