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Top 10 amazing health benefits of red wine

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A glass of red wine is a fabulous way to de-stress. On the other hand, for many years researchers have actually tried to understand what the grapes exactly do to the human body. And finally the secret is out! It is scientifically revealed that red wine has got some amazing health benefits and therefore consuming the drink in moderation is not a crime at all! From slimming your waistline to protecting you from stroke, red wine does wonders.

Here are some amazing reasons for you to wind up the day with a glass of red wine:

1. It prevents tooth decay: Drink red wine in moderation if you wish to have a perfect set of pearly white teeth. It hardens the tooth enamel, prevents tooth decay and controls growth of bacteria. Polyphenols present in red wine can also help reduce gum inflammation.

2. Protects heart and lowers the risk of heart diseases: Resveratrol, an antioxidant, present in red wine help reduce the accumulation of saturated fat in the arteries. Flavonoids in the wine help fight cardiovascular diseases. Red wine, when consumed in moderation, raises the good cholesterol level and lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

3. Protects against Alzheimer’s disease: Red wine is scientifically proven to elongate life span to some extent. A glass of red wine protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

red wine

4. Lends a beautiful healthy glowing skin: Red wine contains antioxidants which are essential for the body. The drink can help slow aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Prevents cancer: Moderate consumption of red wine gradually lowers the risk of breast cancer. Antioxidants in red wine fight infection and protect cells against the effect of free radicals, which in turn lower the chance of developing cancer.

6. Contributes to a long happy life: Red wine drinkers have a lower mortality rate as compared to vodka or whisky drinkers. Red wine and other food items rich in polyphenols prevent the development of chronic diseases and increase the life span.

7. Lowers cholesterol level: Red grapes are used to make a certain types of red wine and red grapes seem to have a huge impact on cholesterol level. Such red wines lower bad cholesterol level and raises up good cholesterol level.

red wine

8. Controls blood sugar: The skin of grapes, a rich source of natural food particle found in red wine; help diabetics regulate their blood sugar level. Researchers suspect that resveratrol in red wine may stimulate insulin secretion and activate a protein that help insulin sensitivity.

9. Fights off common cold: Those who drink moderate ounces of red wine are less prone to flu and common cold. This is because antioxidants present in the drink help fight infection.

10. Lowers body fat and helps achieve a healthy body: Thanks to resveratrol for keeping red wine lovers slim and trim. The compound prevents the growth of fat cells and also slows the growth of new fat cells. A glass of red wine keeps the body slim and makes you look fit and healthy.

So do not feel guilty the next time you grab a glass of Shiraz, Merlot or Malbec. Pair the drinks with dishes like beef steak, stews, chicken fries etc for an extraordinary dining experience. However, make sure you are not pushing yourself towards binge drinking!



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Top 10 amazing health benefits of red wine