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'The Originals': Riley Voelkel On Fighting The Hollow

“We’re going to start to see the power of The Hollow start in this next episode and how it can get in people’s heads and she could possibly try to cleanse them of it,” Riley said. “She knows what it’s doing, but she doesn’t know what the outcome is and how powerful this thing is, so she just wants to protect Klaus going into this and just go from there.”

The Hollow is also after the children of New Orleans, including Hope Mikaelson, Klaus’ daughter, and Freya’s niece. Vincent helped break its hold on the kids and Klaus and Marcel in last week’s episode, but don’t expect Freya and the New Orleans witch to team up just yet. They’re going to be approaching the problem from different angles.

“Vincent still really wants nothing to do with Freya after Davina,” Riley said. “They used to work together all the time and I think at a certain point they’ll realize it’s bigger than them and their battles with each other and it’s about saving these kids. So in that way, I think they will be coming from the same angle and possibly discussing tactics, but … Vincent [isn’t] going to warm up easily to Freya and her asking any kind of help or trying to work together.

“He’s still very angry at her,” Riley continued. “But I think they both have the ultimate goal of saving these kids — her mostly caring about Hope and him not wanting kids to be involved in this crazy force that he’s dealt with for years and feels somewhat responsible for, but also is probably the only one who knows the power that it holds. So on some level we need each other to figure it all out.”



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'The Originals': Riley Voelkel On Fighting The Hollow