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No faith or favour for Survivor star

MELBOURNE flight attendant Jericho Malabonga isn’t afraid to put aside his strong Christian faith to win Australian Survivor.

Malabonga said he made a conscious decision to challenge himself when it comes to his faith, while on the Channel 10 reality show.

“You can have the cliche Christian who rocks up, but it would be more funnier if I rock up and put aside my values, my principals and my morals and challenge myself,” he said.

“Instead I thought why not be opportunistic, instead of being always selfless.”

Malabonga said he also had the attitude that Australian Survivor is just a game.

“The thing you do for your own selfish gain, is the way forward on the show to be honest,” he said.

“When you start to do things for others, you will start to forget about your own safety in the game, and the next thing is people will cut you off and vote you out.

“People will exploit you on this show.”

Malabonga has been a surprise packet on the Australian Survivor, playing a subtle – and sometimes humorous – game.

He was dubbed the cookie monster, after choosing to keep a container of cookies to himself after a moral dilemma, and using them as pawns in the game.

He saw the whole thing as comedic.

“I think everything I did was never out of malice, it was more like, how are you going to entertain yourself in this terrible weather.

“I was trying to keep my spirits up, otherwise it would have really affected me mentally.”

Australian Survivor continues on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.



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No faith or favour for Survivor star