Connection Between Autism and Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder: called a mood swings, it’s known by cycle of elevated moods which follow by depressed mood these cycle happen then two week or even two month. The warning sign of bipolar is mania and depression.

Bipolar Disorder Sign:

• Having decreased need for sleep
• Talking very fast
• Can easily distracted
• Overconfidence

Sign of Depression:

• Feeling sad and hopeless
• Losing the interest which make you happy
• Thinking about suicide and take precaution of death.

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Bipolar types

Bipolar 1 disorder: Bipolar is characterized by manic episodes a person will experience periods of depression bipolar 1 is extreme marked by manic episode.

Bipolar 2 disorder : Hypomania is a 2nd disorder has a less of a negative impact on a person life bipolar 2 is typically depressive episode and not of period hypomania.

There some symptoms of bipolar 2: Clear evidence of distraction,racing thought and flight of idea,pressured speech,diminished for sleeping.

Cyclothymic Disorder

This is a mood swing disorder in short period of depression this is a mental disorder which involves the symptoms of depression and symptoms of hypomania. There are symptoms of cyclothymic disorder. Moods fluctuate from depression from hypomania and back again.

Causes of Bipolar

Some difference on those people who have a problem of bipolar disorder some changes in there brain these changes is still uncertain but may help from causes.


Bipolar disorder on those people who have a sibling family with the some condition. They find the genes that may be involved in causing of bipolar.


The best treatment of bipolar disorder to go your concealer and ask for the medication and ask about your problem they give you a best suggestion for bipolar disorder. Here some points which are help you:

● Medication
● Behavioral therapy
● Substance abuse treatment

Autism Disorder

This is create a difficulties to a person who have a problem with social skill, speech, behaviour and communication. Because of the range of symptoms called autism spectrum disorder.

Sign of autism disorder:

1. Not respond to their name
2. Avoid eye contact
3. Want to be alone
4. Have low to no social skill
5. Get upset in minor changes
6. Have obsessive interest
7. Avoid the resist physical contact

Here discussed type of Autism Disorder:

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Asperger syndrome: These type of people have some problem to communicate and interact with other people and the children are unskilled.those who have autism disorder thought to have a talent that they focus almost exclusively and highly intelligent.

Autistic disorder: These affect the person communication skill interaction and repetitive behaviour and speech this is the genetic and influence.

Rett syndrome: These symptoms are only in girls these type of person have problem in muscles and to do repetitive hand motion.

Causes of autism disorder:

Genes play a major role to develop the autism disorder. In a family with one autism child it’s increasing the chance of second autism child so this is the causes of autism disorder increasing. Treatment of autism disorder: The best treatment of bipolar disorder to go your concealer and ask for the medication and ask about your problem they give you a best suggestion for bipolar disorder.

1. Medication
2. Behavioral therapy
3. Substance abuse treatment

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