Saturday , July 22 2017
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Baby's big getaway

IN A season of yet more synthetic blockbusters, Baby Driver feels entirely original. This is jukebox filmmaking, a wildly energetic movie whose characters behave in line with the songs that fill its soundtrack. It has soul, blues, jazz, a bit of punk, Britpop, easy listening, some glam rock and even …

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Maggie's whirlwind trip around Japan

MAGGIE Beer is synonymous with the flavours of Australia, and the Barossa wine-growing region in particular. But the acclaimed cook has been having a secret love affair with a very different cuisine for the past 20 years, and finally it’s a secret no longer. The 72-year-old threw herself into a …

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Ben will be cooking with Oma

IT WAS cooking with his Grandmother that started a passion for food inside Ben Ungermann, as he stands on the verge of making the MasterChef Grand Final. If Ben can survive Sunday night’s semi-final, then he’ll be in the Grand Final of Australia’s toughest cooking competition. Traditionally, the MasterChef grand …

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