Tuesday , May 23 2017
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Mumbai Food: Savour Delhi-style cuisine Andheri

The interiors If your soft, fluffy paratha is served with a chunky cube of butter. Do you a) Isolate the butter and use a tissue to dab off the paratha; b) Do a little jig, and generously lather the butter in every morsel. If you choose ‘b’, keep reading, because …

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Mumbai Food: Bandra gets new travel-themed cafe

Banh Mi. Pics/Datta Kumbhar “I’he tried wild boar in Sindhudurg. It tastes delicious. I’ve also eaten frog and snake in Southeast Asia, and crow in Manipur,” says Anurag Rane, about a list of bizarre eats from his travels. His smile is hidden under his bushy beard. Fortunately, none of these …

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Mumbai Food: 6 ways eating out with kids can be made fun

Attend a carnivalTake your kids to the Carnival at Mighty Small Café. The interiors here feature circus posters, the sitting area looks like a carousel, covered with a canopy. Even the dessert bar, Big Fat Treats, looks exactly like a carnival snack bar. And if your child is still restless, …

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Mumbai Food: Hop into nostalgia at this new Bandra restaurant

A game of hopscotch greets you at the entrance. Pics/Shraddha Uchil Nostalgia seems to have become the buzzword du jour, with advertisers feeding it to potential customers as though it’s comfort food, and television shows like Stranger Things telling audiences that old-school is cool. Play a game of real-life Tetris …

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