Tuesday , April 25 2017
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Plastic Bags Are a Feast for This Caterpillar

A chunk of plastic after 10 worms spent about 30 minutes feasting. (Credit: CSIC Communications Department) A caterpillar that can eat plastic and produce an industrially useful compound while doing so could take a bite out of the global scourge of plastic trash, a new study finds. Plastics typically resist …

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There's no place like home

A visual celebration of the home planet, starting with a view from Earth as seen from Saturn — 870 million miles away — and zooming in close In this image, acquired by the Cassini spacecraft just this past April 12th, the rings of Saturn dominate the view. But see that little …

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Why I March Every Day

As the March for Science has drawn near, scientists and science-lovers across the country have pontificated at length on why they are—or aren’t—marching. But while today’s 400-plus demonstrations around the nation will hopefully resonate with lawmakers, it takes more than rallies to accomplish lasting change. The following is a guest post from Dr. Kira …

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Exploding Sea Cucumber Butt Threads Are a New Material

Whoever named the sea cucumber after a vegetable didn’t give it enough credit. Yes, sea cucumbers are soft, warty tubes that scoot eyelessly along the seafloor. But they aren’t helpless. Some secrete a poison that’s deadly to other animals. And some, when threatened, shoot sticky threads out of their anuses to tangle up …

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The Hobbit: A Lineage More Ancient Than Once Thought?

An artists impression of Homo floresiensis. (Credit: Katrina Kenny, SA Museum) The 2003 discovery of the Homo floresiensis added a new, weird branch to the human family tree. At the same time humans were spreading across Asia and Neanderthals were inching toward extinction in Europe (and the mysterious Denisovans were …

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