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What Time Is the Total Solar Eclipse?

We’re now counting down the time until the Great American eclipse in hours, not days. Are you ready? If you aren’t, don’t worry, we have you covered with the Eclipse 2017 Widget from our partners at Astronomy magazine. Powered by SkySafari 5, this interactive widget well let you know exactly when the show will …

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Israeli Military Veterans Built a Sniper Drone

The TIKAD drone can carry marksman rifles, assault rifles and even grenade launchers. Credit: Duke Robotics In 2015, Israeli Special Forces likely made history by using a sniper rifle mounted on a commercial drone to take out a target. The robotic solution that achieved such pinpoint accuracy came from Duke Robotics, a startup …

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Yes, Scotch Whiskey Is Better With a Splash of Water

(Credit: Shutterstock) A true Scotch drinker doesn’t pour an aged Macallan in order to, as less refined revelers might say, “get the party started.” Quite the contrary, the seasoned aficionado attends to certain norms and customs before imbibing, not unlike a traditional tea ceremony, in a nod to enlightenment, restraint …

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Roman Pipes Delivered Water — And Toxic Antimony

Antimony. (Credit: Bostock/Shutterstock) The elaborate system of pipes that carried water to Roman households was an engineering marvel—for its time. Unfortunately, their sophisticated water utility may have been poisoning everyone. An analysis of a pipe fragment from Pompeii revealed the presence of high levels of antimony, an element that can cause vomiting, …

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Do We Manage Online and Offline Friendships the Same?

(Credit: Shutterstock) Social media has been a boon to social science. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms serve as online laboratories that reveal all kinds of stuff about the users, researchers say. The rise of these platforms has sparked a flurry of scientific papers describing people’s social network interactions. A …

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Mount Marilyn: A Name That Will Stick…Finally

Apollo 10 photograph taken from the Lunar Module “Snoopy” showing the Command Module “Charlie Brown” with Mt. Marilyn in the background (north is to the left, scene is 80 km wide). (Credit: LROC) In 1968, Jim Lovell became the first human to pilot a spacecraft — Apollo 8 — around …

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