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Deception Island Keeps Deceiving Gentoo Penguins

A family of gentoo penguins. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Over the past 7,000 years, as mighty civilizations rose and crumbled, another saga was playing out in the southern reaches of the world. Just off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, a colony of gentoo penguins have long made tiny Ardley Island their …

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This Is Why Your Shoelaces Are Always Untied

(Credit: leolintang/Shutterstock) Hey, your shoe is untied, and now scientists know why: the combination of foot stomping and leg swinging cause the laces to slip apart. Yes, a child could have told you this, but there’s a reason scientists gave knots a closer look. Knots are everywhere, from stitches used …

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The Landscape of Neuroscience 2006 – 2015

How has neuroscience changed over the past decade? In a new paper, Hong Kong researchers Andy Wai Kan Yeung and colleagues take a look at brain science using the tools of citation analysis. Yeung et al. extracted data from 2006-2015 from Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports (JCR), which …

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Genomics Is Buried in Too Much Data

(Credit: Alix Kreil/Shutterstock) When a sore throat and sinus congestion warrant a visit to the doctor, your physician will attempt to determine whether a cold virus or bacterial infection is to blame—oftentimes without success. So, just to be safe, they might write a potentially unnecessary script for an antibiotic. But …

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