Leather versus Fabric Sofas from Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

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Consider the sofa as the anchor piece of your living room. No matter the overall design theme of this area, the sofa is the focal point around which most other furniture and accessories are arranged. Its style can define the mood of the room. On top of this, it eventually becomes one of the most beloved furniture of all. It’s where guests are entertained, where loved ones bond, and where many memories are created through the years. That’s why a sofa is an important investment from the best furniture stores in Los Angeles.

Fabric or Leather?

If you’re in the market for a new sofa, finding the perfect one can be a challenge. There’s a dizzying array of choices out there. In terms of material, however, it usually boils down to two major contenders: fabric or leather. Knowing the benefits of each type will make it easier to make a final decision.


Fabric sofas tend to be softer than leather ones. They also have a warmer finish, and the material is more porous. On the other hand, leather sofas are firmer and offer a unique type of body support. If you happen to be in one of the best furniture stores in Los Angeles, ask to sit and lounge for a while on various models of fabric and leather sofas so you can test how they feel.


Fabric cleaners are very affordable and easy to find, which means you’ll have no trouble getting what you need to clean those spills and stains. It does take a bit more work, however, since cleaning fabric sofas can also entail using a sponge and soap or a steam cleaner. Leather sofas often need just light dusting and vacuuming, but you might need some leather polishing or softening products to prevent cracks.


If you’re getting your sofa from one of the best furniture stores in Los Angeles, such as Blueprint Furniture, then you have many choices in terms of color and design. A leather sofa looks classic, sleek, and modern. A fabric sofa can also lend a contemporary feel to your living room while adding a homey vibe. Your selection will also depend on the theme you’re going for in your living room.


Since sofas are an investment, it’s never a good idea to sacrifice quality over cost. High-quality fabric and leather sofas will naturally cost more than mass-market ones. Yet the craftsmanship, durability, looks, and comfort you get from high-end pieces mean you get huge value for your money. In fact, it can be an excellent idea to go for a custom-made sofa from the best furniture stores in LA, no matter if it’s fabric or leather.

Finally, your choice depends on what you expect out of your sofa. Do you need a sofa that can withstand the energy and activity of happy kids and pets? Would you like one that can act as a showpiece for a minimalistic living space? Fabric and leather sofas each have distinct advantages, so consider your lifestyle and needs carefully before making a final decision.

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