A Guide to Selecting Modern Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles: Bed Styles and Materials

modern bedroom

Thinking of buying a bed in a shop that sells modern bedroom furniture in Los Angeles? Not sure what aesthetic or material to go for?  This article can help you out! Check out the list below to learn about the various bed styles and materials that you’ll encounter in shops that sell modern bedroom furniture in Los Angeles.


➮ Cottage – Picture elegantly carved headboards, plush pillows, and a layer or two of cozy comforter. That’s how a cottage bed usually looks. Most modern furniture shops have their own contemporary rendition of this classic style.

➮ Modern – Modern beds are typically very minimalist in design. Some have monochrome schemes. Others feature geometric designs. Most are up-to-date with the latest trends in furniture design. They’re also not that difficult to maintain.

➮ Mid-Century – These beds sport a style reminiscent of the 1900s. Some have a retro-like upholstered headboard while others feature vintage wooden frame designs.

➮ French – French beds are simple, romantic, and elegant in design. The upholstered head and footboard design they have make them perfect for sitting up (and cuddling!) in bed.

➮ Mission – A unique style that features vertical and horizontal lines to make the grains of wood (they’re usually wooden) stand out. The contemporary feel of this traditional design makes it extremely easy to blend into most aesthetic themes.

➮ Rustic – Want your bed to showcase your love for the great outdoors? Go for a rustic styled bed. If you’re worried about getting a bed that’s too country or rustic, don’t be. Most shops that sell luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles have mastered the art of merging vintage and class.


➮ Wood – Think wooden beds are too common for your taste? Don’t be so quick to dismiss this classic style. Wood is a very versatile material. It can pull off just about any style—from cozy and rustic to elegant and sophisticated. They can be cut, carved, polished, painted, and more.

➮ Upholstered – A crowd favorite, upholstered beds are usually very comfortable, firm and quite soft. Most feature the buttoned aesthetic, perfect for adding a regal touch to the bedroom.

➮ Woven – Also known as “wicker,” woven beds are great for bringing the country vibes to the bedroom. They’re homey, lightweight, and sturdy. Most shops that sell modern bedroom furniture in Los Angeles offer this style in plant-based, plastic, or synthetic materials.

➮ Wrought Iron – Want a bed that screams “vintage?” Consider getting one with wrought iron frames. Many modern furniture designers still use this style in their stores. Some feature simple and geometric designs while others are intricate and ornate.

➮ Brass – Think wrought iron is too gothic but still want your bed to have a metal vintage look? A brass bed style is a great alternative. They’re incredibly sturdy but not that heavy.

➮ Distressed – This is the bed equivalent of the distressed jeans. Distressed beds are deliberately made to look like they’re old, worn out, and flawed, usually with a paint stripper or sandpaper. Luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles that feature this style seldom look exaggerated or off-putting. Most blend class and vintage really well.

These are only some of the styles and materials that you’ll see in modern furniture stores. Visit the websites of the shops that you plan to visit to get a complete look at their bed selections.

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