Student Study The Classroom In 2020


The education system of todays era is not only wrecked but also near to be obsolete

Due to the continuous revolution in the information technology. Out education sector uses an educational model that is mainly designed for the industrial revolution, design to prepare students for the factory job.

The picture that all most all classroom face is a wizened professor deliver the long, boring lecture about what he knows to the entire class. After a few weeks, later students will remember the tenth of what they learned. Remember SEOs and executives are hungry for the talent and intelligent young leaders and it would become difficult to produce innovators for the next generation.

In 2020 we all see that classroom is eliminated from the education sector or from learning the place. The single and wizened professor will be replaced by the team of trainers who are experts in their own field. Organized lectures will be delivered that based on the real work challenges and aspects rather than setting in the lecture hall for long hours. In 2020 students will work in shared spaces where future doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders, artist, and journalist learn how to integrate different approaches to solve the critical problem and become the innovative thinking.

There are schools that transform itself from now.

In India national institute of Design encourage and involve students to learn and understand customers’ needs by doing the joint venture with famous companies such as Autodesk and Hewlett Packard. In Toronto, a school of management involves students to take classes at DesignWorks. It is an experimental learning workshop or training in which students work on live projects such as reinventing the retail banking. In the Stanford students of different fields such as engineering, medicine, business, law, and arts collaborate students to challenge real work projects. Students reinvent solutions in the different field and show sympathy to those who like and used their innovative solutions. Innovative ideas are generating by working together with other teammates for adopting the unique problem solving and creative approach.  Hence it is only possible when students learn beyond the classroom to tackle the complex and advance challenges.

All the above discuss learning experiences students only get when they learn beyond the online Essay Help classroom. Also, the shift of students towards hands-on experience are only occurred beyond the traditional classrooms of college and universities.

The education sector has been seen long inconsistency

Children enter into the school with distinctive creativity but hardly leave that way. British researcher Sir Ken Robinson conducted a research in which they involve 1600 children over the age of 3 to 5 years old. He tested these children capability of divergent thinking through getting solutions to the problem. He explores that 98% score a genius level after that he repeats the study after ten years he found the shocking result that only 10% students score genius level.

There are many schools that think to modify their testing and memorize approach in the classroom. There are schools are eliminate the boundaries between learning and the real world so that critical and innovative skills development among the students. Hence it is only possible when the traditional classroom has eliminated and made learning beyond the classroom.

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