Taking Your Total Body TRX Workout to the Next Level

trx workout

Using 20 different machines to work every part of your body out seems so complicated and time-consuming. Not everyone likes to go around the gym, ride every equipment they pass by, or use stacks of weights just to meet their fitness goals. That’s why an all-in-one piece of equipment called TRX is gaining ground now.

This equipment involves suspension training that fuses strength and flexibility. It trains your body to use its own bodyweight to work on different muscle groups simultaneously. It gives you a total body workout by focusing on your core. While there are different TRX exercises, you can take it to the next level with more challenging tasks.

Do you think you have the guts for the following exercises?

  • Single-Leg Squat

    Focus the tension on TRX while placing your elbows under your shoulders and putting your right leg in the center as an anchor point. Next, assist the working leg by placing the opposite heel on the ground. Bend the knee of the assisting leg by lowering your hips down and back. Remember, most of your weight should be on the working leg and transfer the weight to the assisting leg when needed. Using your heels, drive through and extend your hips, and then stand up tall. Do this with the left leg, too.

  • Y Flye

    You need to be in a “Y” position using your arms. You can do this by extending your arms overhead in a “Y” shape. Palms should be forward while feet are offset. The tension is put on the TRX. Now, while keeping your arms extended and holding a plank, lower your body down. Pull on the handles and your knuckles back while lifting your chest. Don’t keep your eyes off the anchor point when doing the movement.

  • Atomic Pike

    Put your feet in the foot cradles and your knees on the floor while placing your hands under your shoulders. This will put you in a plank position. Then, position your chest a bit above the ground. Make sure that your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are aligned before pushing back up to plank position. After this, immediately hinge at hips and pull your butt up while maintaining a straight torso. Then, lower back down to a plank position as your body is kept tight and engaged.

These TRX exercises require dedication and hard work. So, don’t rush it. In fact, the more time you take doing them, the more tension is given. This allows you to build more strength. Just make sure that you do them properly to avoid injuries.

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