The Dos and Don’ts of Project Management


Working with a team can be difficult, especially if your values and ideals are not on the same page. More often than not there will be a clash of opinions, which is always good as long as each member knows how to give and receive criticisms. At ENM Construction Management, all team players are on the same page. With leaders like Dan Greenhalgh at the forefront, everything’s working slick as a whistle.

Do you want to know how they do it? Check out these DOS and DON’TS on key team management factors.



DO involve your team

Your team should not expect that you’ll consult every decision with your team. You should have a clear idea of how you want to proceed with the project. However, taking suggestions from your team can also be beneficial for the project. Just make sure that their suggestions are in line with your visions and will not contradict it. If they are not, instead of outright rejecting them, why not try explaining to them why it does not match your vision, and maybe even modify it to match your vision.

DON’T meet for meeting’s sake

Suggestions, criticisms, and the bulk of your planning are usually done in meetings. On average, your team may meet three to four times a week, sometimes every day as the work day begins. That’s a lot of time spent sitting, talking, and planning. With this much on the line, it is important that these meetings are maximized. Prepare an agenda beforehand. If no agenda can be formed, then there’s no reason to hold a meeting.



DO communicate

Speaking of meetings, a core necessity of team dynamics is communication. Every member of a team needs to be aware of their responsibilities and the overall vision and objective of the project. Communication is a necessity—and not just electronic communication. It is essential that the team meet personally and communicate with one another face to face. Many nuances of communication are expressed through personal interaction and might be missed when just reading an email or a chat message.

DON’T treat people as objects

You should not treat your team members like machines. Machines do not have emotions and desires and cannot think for themselves. You’re team (if you have assembled your team well) is a collection of talented individuals with their own opinions. Listen to them, ask for their input. Don’t expect them to just follow your plans blindly, expect and even ask for their feedback.



DO celebrate small victories

As mentioned above, your team is composed of humans, and humans relish celebrations. Met your quota? Celebrate! Managed to secure the necessary materials from a vendor amidst a tight schedule? Celebrate! Reward good effort. However, this should not be mistaken for being soft. Keep in mind the direction of the project. Know that this is a long-term endeavor and celebrate accordingly.

DON’T set unrealistic goals

Don’t let your team be a group of slackers. However, don’t push them to meeting unrealistic goals. As project manager, analyze your timeline. Check if the goals you’ve set for the team are reasonable. If not, modify accordingly. If you refuse to adapt unrealistic goals, you are just setting your team for failure.

Emulate what Dan Greenhalgh and other great project managers have been doing. Manage your team effectively and like ENM Construction Management, set yourself up for success.

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