What to Expect After Going Under the Knife of the Best Eye Surgeon in Orange County and All of California

after laser eye surgery

Immediately after the surgery, your eyes may burn, itch, feel a bit painful, and feel like something is on them. They may look red or a bit bloodshot. It’s also normal to experience mild pain—don’t worry, the doctor can prescribe pain relievers if this is the case. If you experience severe pain, however, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. Don’t wait for your next appointment.

Your vision may be blurry or hazy, but you can expect that it’ll improve significantly in the next 48 hours.

On your first post-operation visit, your doctor should do the following:

  • take off the eye shield;
  • examine your eyes;
  • test your vision;
  • give eye drops to use regularly; and
  • provide instructions about surgery aftercare.

As mentioned before, get in touch with your doctors ASAP if you experience unusual or negative symptoms after the operation.

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare Tips

While your surgeon will tell you about most of the things below, it still good to have a list that you can consult anytime.

  • aftercare tipsDon’t touch your eyes. Your eyes are very sensitive after the operation. Even the gentlest pressure can damage the recovering corneal flap. So, to stave off complications, avoid touching your eyes. In case you’re wondering if it’s a case to case basis, no, it’s not. Your eyes will still feel itchy or irritated post-operation even if the best eye surgeon in Orange County operated on you.
  • Don’t use soap and water to wash your eyes. With your cornea still recovering from the operation, there’s a huge risk that you’ll damage the flap and inflame its inner layers. Wait for your doctor to give you the go signal before washing your eyes. Opt for baths instead of showers as well. There’s a higher risk of getting water in your eyes if you go for the latter.
  • Don’t use makeup, lotion, or any other cosmetic product near or around your eyes. There’s a risk that you can infect your eyes. Your doctor will tell you when you can resume applying your cosmetics.
  • Taking maintenance or prescription medicine? Make sure none of them will interfere with your eyes’ recovery. Some medication can interfere with your body’s recovery process. So, after the operation, remind your surgeon about your maintenance medicine. We say “remind” because you should have already told your doctor about them before going under the knife. Follow your doctor’s advice about your medicine intake.
  • Avoid activities that involve heavy lifting. The strain can complicate or interfere with your eyes’ healing process. Give your eyes a chance to recover. Use the first few days after going under the knife of the best eye surgeon in Orange County to relax.
  • Visit your doctor regularly for the next six months after the surgery. It’ll help them monitor your recovery progress and pinpoint any possible issues immediately.

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