Why Is Boxing an Excellent Workout?

woman boxing with red gloves

Have you become so accustomed to your current workout that you don’t find it exciting anymore? Maybe you need to try something new or at least include it in your regimen to freshen things up. One type of workout that your personal trainer in Santa Monica would definitely recommend is boxing. This sport has recently been taking gyms by storm as a favorite exercise, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Why Your Personal Trainer in Santa Monica Recommends Boxing to Be Your New Workout

✅ It Boosts Your Cardio Fitness

Boxing involves motions that prove effective in enhancing one’s cardiovascular health. Throwing punches and avoiding the opponent’s fists continuously for an hour or two require the exertion of huge measures of energy, much like running for miles nonstop. As a result, your upper body is subjected to a moderate amount of stress, consequently keeping your heart rate up throughout the exercise. Give the treadmill a little break, glove up, and start punching. It doesn’t matter if all you’ve got to punch is air; as long as you’re doing the moves right, you’ll get to see great results. Of course, it will be more fun and exciting if you have a bag to punch and kick.

✅ It Relieves Stress

Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, your muscles develop tension that you need to release at the end of the day to put your body in a proper resting state. What better way to do it than to throw punches on a heavy bag? You can even put some emotion on every hit and not hold back for best results. Not only will this loosen up every tired and tight muscle in your body, but it allows for the growth of new ones as well.

✅ Burns More Calories than Most Exercises

When asked how they plan to burn calories, most people would say they’d go jogging. While jogging is indeed an effective calorie burner, there are a lot of workout types that can actually go head to head with it. Boxing for an hour, for instance, can burn up to 200 more calories than jogging at 6 mph rate. Without straddling great distances, you can keep your calorie levels in check and even obtain the muscle shape you’ve always wanted.

✅ It Helps Gain Muscle Mass

Being healthy doesn’t always mean having six packs and huge pectorals, but admit it, having those muscles make your body look better . . . and sexier. Furthermore, building more muscle mass is proven to increase life expectancy and prevent various kinds of health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. Virtually all sports help develop muscles but nothing shapes those muscles more efficiently than boxing. If you want to achieve a head-turner and life-prolonging shape, it is high time you start punching.

✅ It Increases Strength

The heavy bags used in gyms for fitness boxing are the same as those used by professional boxers. Each one weighs at least 100 lbs. Giving such a heavy item full-blow punches and kicks can definitely push your muscles to their limits. Doing so regularly can make you stronger and tougher. Just make sure that you learn the proper way of punching so that you will form muscles and gain strength in the right spots.

Why Workout in a Gym

Sure you can do your boxing exercises at home. Just set up your own ring, have your own gloves and bags, and imitate your favorite pro boxer and, voila, you’re all set for that private workout you want. However, nothing compares to the motivation you can get from working out in a gym.

For one, you can have your personal trainer as your sparring partner. That’s so much better than hitting a stationary object like a punching bag. Another reason is that you can work out with a partner or a group, which is more enjoyable than studying the art of boxing alone. You will also get to receive proper guidance instead of just emulating the boxers you see on television.

At IRON Fitness, they offer boxing classes in Santa Monica that you can conveniently include in your regimen. Their trainers will not only speed up your body’s development but they will also make your stay in the gym more fun and worthwhile.

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